Health & Safety

Throughout our organisation, we promote a culture of health and safety and each location is regularly inspected and audited by safety professionals. Mechanisms are in place to react to incidents and defects and all employees are encouraged to report near misses and potential accidents waiting to happen. We take all measures to protect the safety and wellbeing of visitors, contractors and neighbours and communicate our safety policy. We provide all necessary internal and external training for our employees and continually strive to improve health and safety throughout the organisation.

To view a copy of our full Safety Policy Statement please click here

Thomas Armstrong Group are fully supportive and are signed up to the Heath & Safety Executive Strategy scheme which aims to reduce the amount of workplace related accidents and illnesses. This includes a pledge by all signed up employers to:

•    Agree to play our part in reducing the numbers of work-related deaths, injuries and ill-health in Great Britain.
•    Call on employers to put health and safety at the heart of what they do and to take a common sense approach to health and safety.
•    Commit to debunking myths around health and safety that trivialise the impact of injuries, ill health and deaths on individuals and their families.
•    Recognise the importance of health and safety in difficult economic times and the dangers of complacency.
•    Pledge to work with the Health and Safety Executive and its partners to Be Part of the Solution.




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