ACP's contract to design, supply & install a retaining wall to the site boundary has been completed. ACP made use of their new 280mm thick prestressed concrete panels to form retaining walls up to 4.1m in height. ACP fully installed 92 vertical cantilever panels or 111m of retaining walls in only 8 days.
Pumping and Technical Services Ltd is a specialist pump engineering company. With over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of chemical and refinery process pumps. PTS came to ACP with a requirement for a new pump testing tank at their new manufacturing facility in Adlington, Macclesfield. The specification was for a 12m wide x 30m long x 4m high above ground water tank c/w a removable precast concrete roof. ACP's engineer recommended the use of the new 280mm thick prestressed concrete vertical panels to form the perimeter of the tank. Including initial excavation works, from start to finish the project took a total of just 7 weeks to construct. ACP completed stage one in January, which was to design, supply and install the main tank structure.
Interserve Construction Ltd contacted ACP regarding a new waste recycling facility being developed at Aldridge, West Midlands. Acting as both the end client (Interserve Site Services) and the main contractor, Interserve were looking to ACP to come up with an alternative solution to the expensive & time consuming traditional methods of push wall construction. ACP proposed the prestressed vertical cantilever panels at 280mm thick. Interserve were pleased with both the saving on construction time and the 60% saving on like for like traditional construction methods. ACP fitters installed 410m of walling in just 2 weeks.
In response to demand for increasing storage heights and depths required by our customers ACP has recently commenced manufacture of 280mm thick prestressed concrete wall panels. These panels can be used cost effectively in place of insitu concrete walls for larger bulk, storage structures, over 6m high, and below ground tanks up to 5m deep.


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