Two Orders won from RSG Structures Ltd

RSG Structures Ltd have placed two orders with ACP Concrete for retaining walls.

RSG are working for main contractors, Interserve, on the new mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant at Westbury, Wiltshire. The MBT process involves pre-sorting of the residual municipal waste, bio-drying in a composting area followed by shredding and further sorting to produce recyclates and a solid recovered fuel. The order for 730m² of 180mm thick prestressed concrete wall panels is being installed in June.

The project will provide a waste treatment facility on the Northacre Trading Estate which will reduce the proportion of Wiltshire’s municipal waste sent to landfill to less than 20% (currently 37%).  The site will be owned and operated by Hills Waste Solutions Ltd under an agreement with Wiltshire Council.


RSG have also placed an order for over 1100m² of precast wall panels for a project to upgrade Severn Trent’s water treatment works (WTW) at Rushmoor, Telford.

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