Back in 2012 ACP (Concrete) Ltd supplied Nottinghamshire farmer and businessman, Brian Wells, with 6m high prestressed concrete panels for a surcharged grain store at Ruddington, where cereals are dried and stored for his own farming business.   In addition grain is stored and dried for a large number of local farmers which is all marketed by Wells Agriculture a division of Frontier Agriculture Ltd. 

The store, measuring 96m long and 36m wide, is constructed in 6m bays and has an internal, 6m high dividing wall for batch separation with maximum capacity. The ACP wall panels are combined with an innovative grain cooling system supplied by Martin Lishman Ltd.  This high load storage is exactly the kind of application for which ACP’s 280mm thick panels were designed, minimising the building footprint and reducing the cost per tonne stored.

This year Mr Wells is looking to expand the business and another two stores are planned for construction in 2016, taking total storage capacity to 50,000 tonnes.  Replicating a successful formula and pleased with the service & quality product from ACP in 2012, Mr Wells has placed another order for 280mm panels with the company.  Mr Wells said “We like the ACP 280mm panels, they are robust, don’t flex and we have the peace of mind that they do the job properly and can take surcharged loading”. For more information on how ACP can reduce your crop storage costs call 01889 598660

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