ACP Concrete Products Are CE Marked

From 1st July 2013 the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) required producers of construction products who manufacture to a Harmonised European Standard to CE Mark their products.

ACP's precast concrete wall panels are manufactured to Eurocodes and therefore are required to be CE marked. CE Marking gives the customer security that the products supplied meet the specification’s minimum requirements and confirms that the products have been manufactured, tested and meet the required standards.  All the necessary CE information is shown on the delivery tickets accompanying our product to site. This instructs the user to visit the CE Mark section of our website where all certificates and CE documentation for our products are available for free download.
It is important to be aware that not only does the responsibility lie with the product manufacturer, the law also requires that all those involved in the procurement and supply of construction products are correctly CE Marked. Failure to do this could result in a claim for negligence and investigation by the Notified Body (Trading Standards). Worse still if an accident were to occur where a non-CE Marked product has been supplied the consequences could be severe.

ACP (Concrete) Ltd have spent considerable time and resources to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations and we are proud to give our customers the assurance of a quality product that meets European standard specifications.


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