Aldridge Waste Treatment Facility - Completed Nov 2011

Interserve Construction Ltd contacted ACP regarding a new waste recycling facility being developed at Aldridge, West Midlands. Acting as both the end client (Interserve Site Services) and the main contractor, Interserve were looking to ACP to come up with an alternative solution to the expensive & time consuming traditional methods of push wall construction. ACP proposed the prestressed vertical cantilever panels at 280mm thick. Interserve were pleased with both the saving on construction time and the 60% saving on like for like traditional construction methods. ACP fitters installed 410m of walling in just 2 weeks.


The new Interserve Site Services’ facility takes the form of a large waste reception building containing the main element of the waste handling plant that have been built on brownfield land. It also encompasses the material handling line, material storage and processing areas built using ACP prestressed panels, and a brick administration & welfare building built from local Ibstock clay bricks.  The new plant will be able to process approximately 250,000 tonnes of waste material and the enhanced mechanisation will enable the plant to recycle an impressive 95% of this, returning a range of recycled products to the market.

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