Work Begins On The Retaining Wall for Dudley Canal Trust Portal

ACP Concrete’s installation team began work on the retaining wall for Dudley Canal Trust’s new Port280mm Thick Prestressed Concrete Vertical Cantilever Panels being installed at Dudley Canal Trust's New Portalal after Easter.  Following an initial enquiry from main contractors, Speller Metcalfe Ltd, in December and a meeting on site in January earlier this year ACP Concrete Ltd was selected as the supplier of the retaining wall structure for the new Portal building which incorporates an entrance & ticket facility, café, and gallery. The wall runs for 77m along both sides and the back of the building and at its highest point is 4.275m AFFL requiring ACP’s most robust 280mm thick prestressed concrete wall panels. Installation of 350sq metres is expected to take 10 days. This is slightly longer than normal for a standard retaining wall project due to the complex curved design of the wall at either end.


Dudley Canal Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to preserving underground canal tunnels that were used to mine coal during the industrial revolution. The Trust receives approximately 70,000 visitors a year and the new Portal building will enhance their visitors’ experience.

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