Safe Use


All panels to be installed as detailed in ACP Concrete Ltd installation manual.

Concrete protection is recommended for all concrete surfaces that may come into contact with silage or silage effluent.

Before filling

Check all joints to ensure sealant is correctly applied and in good order.

Check all concrete surfaces for signs of corrosion or mechanical damage. Ensure all repairs are fully cured before filling.

Check all walls, floor slabs and outside effluent channels for cracks. If any are noticed then contact an engineer for investigation before filling.

Ensure that safety fences and warning notices are all in position and in good order.

Check effluent dirty water tanks are empty and pipes connecting tanks to the store are free from obstructions. Check all effluent systems by flushing with clean water and looking for leaks or blockages.

During filling

Ensure that slurry in the store does not exceed 2.1m in height (allowing 300mm freeboard)

Regularly check all effluent channels around the store for blockages and ensure free drainage at all times.

Where a ramp is included always ensure that the tractor sight rail at the end of the ramp is in good condition. Also ensure that the Safety Gate at the bottom of the ramp is in good condition and that this is kept closed (and preferably locked) whenever the ramp is not in use.

Extreme care must be taken when emptying the store and spreading the contents. Operators must follow the guidelines laid out in “Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Water” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1991 and any subsequent guidance.

After the store has been emptied, carry out an annual maintenance inspection as indicated above. This should be done well before the store is to be filled again to allow sufficient time for any required remedial work to be carried out.



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