Concrete Stairs

Precast concrete stairs and landings are the ideal solution for fast track high quality concrete staircase construction. Together with ACP’s beam and block or precast concrete floors forming complete suspended concrete floor systems

Precast Concrete Stairs - Advantages

Precast stairs are particularly suitable to the construction of high traffic stairwells such as commercial and industrial developments. The high quality finish gives a durable concrete staircase for long maintenance free life.

Concrete stairs are ideal for the construction of high quality private and residential stairways. The dense precast concrete gives excellent acoustic properties addressing sound transfer issues associated with steel and wooden staircases.

Precast concrete stairs are the obvious choice for fire escape stairs.

Maintenance free service and excellent durability are the inherent benefits of precast concrete stair construction.

Precast concrete stairs offer significant benefits during the construction phase of a project providing rapid installation and early safe access to subsequent floors for trades and materials.

Precast Stairs and Landings

Every precast concrete stair flight is designed in accordance with BS8110 & to suit the application. ACP’s precast concrete stairs are available in various configurations from a single stair flight to a complete precast stair well with landings.

Precast concrete landings can be designed as individual units or can be manufactured as complete precast stair flight and attached landing.

Precast landings can be attached to the top or bottom of the precast stair flight, or supplied with both top and bottom landings.

ACP’s concrete stair head detail ensures rapid, safe connection between the stair and landing. (see diagrams)

Stair foot details are designed to suit precast stairs seated onto insitu or precast floor slabs, or connection onto intermediate precast landings.

ACP Concrete offers a full design service for precast stairs and concrete landings.

Each precast concrete stair project comes with a full design and drawing package suitable for building control approval.


All ACP precast concrete stairs are manufactured in accordance with BS8110. High quality concrete stair construction requires specialist equipment and techniques.
ACP’s casting systems enable the majority of precast stairs to be produced from multi adjustable steel moulds giving high quality surface finish to all stair faces.

The special casting system ensures the concrete steps are produced from the steel mould face giving a uniform, smooth surface finish.

Adjustable casting moulds enable concrete stairs to be precast with rising and going profiles to suit each application.

Rapid steel mould adjustment without costly timber shuttering minimizes down time, maximizing production and cutting costs to deliver high quality concrete stairs at excellent prices.

Design and Build

ACP Concrete offer a full design and build package for precast stairs including site installation service designed to delivery high quality concrete stairs and landings to suit every application.



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