Floors and Stairs

ACP (Concrete) Ltd offer a range of precast concrete floors to suit all situations. Beam and block floors are available in 150mm and 225mm. Where high levels of insulation are key our prestressed concrete beams can be used in conjunction with Tetris thermal flooring blocks. Prestressed wideslab floors are available for use in buildings where wide spans or high load capacities are required and provide a quality alternative to traditional hollowcore flooring. Wideslab suspended concrete floors can be used with a screed with/without insulation to give a composite floor. Both beam and block flooring and wideslab floors can be used to provide acoustic floors.

Precast concrete stair construction using  ACP’s precast concrete stairs offer high quality finish, durable staircases that are available in various configurations from a single stair flight to a complete precast stair well with landings.

Precast concrete lintels are available in a wide range of standard sections and lengths.

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