TETRiS Insulated Floor

TETRiS Precast Concrete Floor Insulation

The TETRiS system of concrete floor insulation comprises precast concrete beams used in conjunction with TETRiS insulation blocks to provide a rapid economical thermal floor solution.

A similar system to the concrete beam and block floor, the TETRiS floor is designed to solve high U-value requirements at ground floor level.

The thermal flooring is built up using prestressed concrete beams supporting the TETRiS insulated blocks spanning between T beams. These are available in sizes to suit various spans and loads. When connected together the Cellecta insulating blocks form a flat fixed level above the concrete beams with no cold bridges. A concrete screed is placed over the composite flooring to provide the durable concrete surface associated with suspended concrete flooring.

The TETRiS insulated floor blocks are designed to form end closures and screed edges avoiding potential cold bridge areas.


Thermal Flooring

The TETRiS insulated floor system has thermal performance that complies with U-value calculation required under part-L of Building Control Regulations and A+ Green Guide rated = 3 code credits (3x more than for beam and block floors with insulation and floating screed)

The concrete beam and TETRiS floor is suitable for underfloor heating systems providing a robust thermal floor in addition to the benefits of a concrete floor solution.

The installation of the insulated beam and block floors is generally weather independent reducing site delays and ensuring construction programme is maintained.

A TETRiS insulated floor systems offer savings in both time and cost at ground floor level whilst minimizing groundworks.

The suspended thermal floor system offers potential to minimize excavations; of particular benefit where excavated material must be removed from site.

Openings within the concrete insulated floor for service ducts and pipes are easily and cheaply included in the scheme as TETRiS blocks are easily and safely cut on site.

A full layout and design service is available for every concrete floor insulation project including structural and U-value calculations to satisfy Building Control regulations.


Acoustic Floors

Precast concrete flooring also exhibits excellent noise reduction for the construction of acoustic floors.

Robust details for both acoustic floors and thermal flooring are available.


Precast Concrete Beams

Our prestressed concrete beams are manufactured in lengths to suit each application, and beam spacing can be adjusted to suit anticipated loads.

150mm concrete beams are suitable for a wide variety of concrete floor construction such as domestic house floors, flats, nursing homes and commercial developments.

Long line prestressed production of concrete floor beams enables high performance beams to be produced at low cost.

ACP’s insulated concrete floor support beams are wet cast from high quality steel moulds using high strength engineering grade concrete, guaranteeing quality and performance.

Concrete flooring made easy; rapid, cost effective floor construction without the need for expensive plant or specialist skilled labour.

A full design and build package is available including all on site activities and block supply to deliver rapid low cost precast floors.



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