Ground Retaining Walls

Precast Concrete - Ground Retaining Walls

The ACP (Concrete) Ltd precast concrete wall system is a fast track construction method for ground retaining walls.

  • Prestressed horizontal concrete panels span between support king posts or building columns to produce foundation free precast soil retaining walls.
  • Prestressed vertical wall panels are designed to provide freestanding above or below ground retaining walls and structures.
  • The precast concrete panels can be configures to suit different wall height requirements.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Wall System

The PCC retaining wall system is designed to provide rapid construction of ground retaining walls within building structures. Precast concrete is the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction for retaining walls to car parks, goods yards and landscape schemes. Rapid fast track concrete construction of retaining walls is the key advantage over traditional insitu casting.

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Why precast?

Made to Measure - Precast concrete panels are designed to suit earth ground pressures and imposed surcharges. Manufactured to the required lengths in controlled environment factory conditions from engineering grade concrete then delivered to site, the panels are quickly erected to provide high quality precast concrete ground retaining walls. The precast solution gives rapid completion and early backfilling enabling following trades to start at an earlier date.

Durable - The precast ground retaining system benefits from the inherent durability of the concrete wall panels . High strength prestressed concrete panels give high load capacity for a relatively slender cross section. The units have high strength concrete interlocking tongue and groove joints  enabling loads to be passed between units reducing the likelihood of overload or vehicle impact damage. The panel joints are sealed with high performance polyurethane mastic compound giving long life weatherproof joints. The extremely dense concrete reduces worries about damp ingress within the walls.

Modular - The modular precast horizontal wall panels can be dismantled and relocated to provide temporary ground retaining structures. Precast concrete walls systems also reduce the site exposure to dangerous excavations or embankments.

Holes/Ducts - cast in Weep holes and ducts can be designed and cast in to avoid unwanted drilling and cutting on site.



Horizontal precast concrete walling, supported by steel building or stub columns king posts, can provide soil retaining in either temporary or permanent applications. The prestressed wall panels are also ideal for retaining internal floor levels within a warehouse designed for dock leveller loading.

Concrete walls formed with vertical prestressed concrete panels are suited to free standing concrete wall panel designs. These units suit earth retaining walls in car parks, goods yards and landscaping projects. Brick facing can be applied to suit architectural requirements.


What Next - Choices

The precast wall panels are available in three standard thicknesses to suit anticipated loadings and surcharge.

The horizontal panels are available in a range of heights, the most commonly used being 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m. The interlocking tongue and groove joint allows the panels to sit neatly upon another enabling the wall to be built up with different units to the required height.

Vertical precast concrete wall panels are available in heights up to 4m in single skin application (depending on anticipated loadings) and to greater load capacity in the composite precast wall system. These may be installed entirely below ground for the construction of water storage tanks and cellars.



ACP (Concrete) Ltd offer an installation service as part of the complete design and build precast package. Installation of the concrete panels is quick and simple and is usually carried out using a telehandler in place of more expensive cranage. this cuts installation cost and brings added flexibility to the progress of work on site.

Alternatively help and advice for the safe handling and installation of precast unit can be supplied as documentation and if required a supervisory site visit can be arranged.




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