Recycling Bunker Walls

   Waste bunkers beneath a trommel


Precast Concrete - Recycling Bunker Walls

Glass Recycling BaysThe ACP precast concrete recycling bunker wall system is a fast track construction method for storage and separation of recycling materials and composting waste products.Three different systems are available:

  1. Prestressed concrete Horizontal panels span between steel support columns to produce foundation free precast bunker walls.
  2. Prestressed concrete vertical cantilever panels are tied into a 0.5m foundation to produce bunkers within the clear span of buildings or external bunker structures.
  3. Precast concrete portable Arrow Panels sit directly on the floor with no fixing required (up to 3.6m), the heavy mass concrete base providing stability.

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Advantages of Fast Track Construction

The precast concrete bunker wall system is designed to provide rapid construction of single or multi bunker walls in new or existing buildings. Precast concrete is the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction. The extreme robust nature of prestressed concrete wall panels makes these units resistant to damage from constant out-loading and easy to clean between batches.Portable Arrow Panels used to create storage bunkers in an existing building.

  • Rapid Construction Precast panels are delivered to site made to measure. manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions from engineering grade concrete, the panels are quickly erected to provide high quality precast concrete bunker walls. The developer can achieve significant programme benefits by the use of precast concrete walls. The precast solution gives rapid completion of the project bringing the site into service at an earlier date.
  • Durable  The owner and user of the precast bunker system benefits from durability of the precast wall panels. The high strength precast concrete panels give smooth internal finish to the bunkers. The finish is easy to clean and eliminates worries about damp ingress or pest infestations within the walls. The smooth surface of the panels makes out loading quick and easy. The units have high strength concrete interlocking tongue and groove joints  which enable shock loads to be passed between units reducing the likelihood of damage. The density and durability of the precast concrete wall panels give long maintenance free service.
  • Movable  Arrow Panels are designed for portability and are easily moved using a fork truck or telehandler. The modular prestressed horizontal wall panels can be dismantled if required and relocated to accommodate alterations to sub divisions and extension to the structure. This modular nature also enables individual wall panels to be replaced in the unlikely event of excessive damage. This saves cost, reduces down time and ensures the recycling or composting facility is back in service as soon as possible without lengthy on site curing of repairs to traditional site cast walls. 


ApplicationsVertical Cantilever panels need no additional support

Horizontal precast panels supported by steel columns can provide both perimeter & division walls for bunkers in a storage building or in a yard area.

Arrow Panels are ideal for temporary storage bunkers, to divide up an existing building or to create bunkers on an existing concrete pad.

Walls formed with vertical prestressed panels are ideal for the construction of bunker division walls giving a perfect 90º wall to floor joint. This eliminates potential damage points between the loading shovel and the precast concrete wall commonly associated with traditional "L" and "T" section wall panels. Durability reduces the risk of contamination of the stored material with wall fragments. This system is also ideal for the rapid cleaning of individual bunkers between compost batches.


What Next - Choices

The precast wall panels are available in four standard thicknesses to suit anticipated loadings and impacts. Units are manufactured in high grade 60N/mm prestressed concrete.

The horizontal precast concrete wall units are available in a range of heights, the most commonly used being 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m. The required height of the wall can usually be achieved by using a combination of sizes together. Panel joints are sealed with high performance polyurethane mastic compound giving long life weatherproof joints. This also provides a smooth easy clean surface eliminating potential dust traps.

Vertical cantilever precast concrete wall panels are available in heights up to 5m depending on the anticipated loadings.

Arrow Panels are available in heights to 1m to 4m with standard sizes of 2.4m, 3m and 3.6m usually in stock for quick delivery.


InstallationPanels lifted into position ready for fixing.

The installation service is part of the complete design and building precast package. Installation of the concrete panels is quick and simple and is usually carried out using a telehandler in place of more expensive cranage. This cuts installation costs and brings added flexibility to the progress of work on site.

Alternatively help and advice for safe handling and installation of precast units can be supplied as documentation or as a supervisory site visit. Click here for step by step guide.





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