Ancillary products shown below are often supplied or incorporated into precast concrete security walling panels.

1)   Standard fixing plate to suit up to 406x178 UB columns                             

2) L Shaped fixing plate and long bolt, to suit columns 406x178 UB and above    

3) Lindapter tamper proof bolt cover                                             


4) M12 cast in fixing sockets                                                                                                                                               

5)   Lifting insert cast into panels (95mm shown) top edge                              

6)   Lifting clutch to suit 1.25t capacity                                                                   

7)   Liting clutch attached to 1.25t insert                                                                               

8)   Lifting insert cast in 145mm and 180mm panels                                          

9)   Lifting clutch to suit 2.5t capacity                                                               

10)   Lifting clutch attached to 2.5t insert                                                                 

11)   Mastic sealant - 600cc sausage 1 part polyurethane                                                      

12)   Mastic sealant gun - to suit 600cc sausages                                                 

13)   Expanding anchor bolts to fix to concrete panels                                                                

14)   Butly-nek compressible sealant strip (Data pdf)                                           

15)   Vertical panel cradle (Drawings)                                                                  

15)   Vertical panel reinforcing bars (Drawings)



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