Safe Use


All panels to be installed as detailed in ACP Concrete Ltd installation instructions.

Surface treatment of concrete panels is not required prior to use. Concrete protection is recommended for all concrete surfaces that may come into contact with corrosive compounds.

Please follow manufactures guidance for surface preparation prior to paint or decorative finish applications.

Periodical Inspection

Check all concrete surfaces for signs of corrosion or mechanical damage. Patch repairs should be carried out using high strength epoxy mortar repair compound.

All panels are manufactured in Engineering grade 60N concrete and are extremely resistant to damage. In the event of a catastrophic impact a unit may become so badly damaged that repair is impracticable. In this case units must be dismantled and a replacement panel installed.

Check all walls and floor slabs for cracks. If any are noticed, contact an engineer for investigation before filling.

Ensure clear access and operation of escape doors and that any warning notices are all in position and in good order.

Check that the structure has been designed to suit any imposed load onto the walls. Ensure filling operators are aware of maximum loading limits and safe stacking procedures.

During Use

Avoid unnecessary impact of loaders on the walls and floor, particularly point loads from fork tines etc.
Care must be taken to avoid scraping the panels whilst out-loading with the pallet tines in contact with the walls. There is also a risk of dislodging the panels when using large fork trucks. To avoid this ensure the tines does not “dig into” the panels, and do not scrape the tines against the panels during lifting.

After the store has been emptied, carry out an annual maintenance inspection as indicated above. This should be done well before the store is to be filled again to allow sufficient time for any remedial work to be carried out.



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