Flood attenuation tank at Penrith


Precast Concrete Tank Walls

The precast concrete  wall system from ACP (Concrete) Ltd is a fast track construction method for attenuation tanks, water storage tanks and sludge tanks.

Prestressed concrete vertical wall panels are designed to provide freestanding above or below ground tank walls for both open and closed concrete structures.
The concrete panels can be configured to suit almost any tank requirements.


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Advantages of Precast Concrete Panels

The precast concrete tank wall system is designed  to provide rapid construction for all types of concrete storage tanks. Precast concrete is the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction for tank walls. Speed of construction of precast concrete tanks is the key advantage over traditional insitu casting.

Made to Measure - Precast concrete panels are designed to suit earth ground pressures and imposed surcharges together with the loadings from the stored liquids. Manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions from engineering grade concrete then delivered to site made to measure. The panels are quickly erected to provide high quality precast tank walls which can be backfilled straightaway reducing the construction period. Precast concrete lid panels can be supplied and can include access manholes if required.

Durable - Designed to BS8110 the  prestressed concrete panels give high load capacity for a relatively slender cross section. The panel joints are sealed using high performance polyurethane mastic sealant which together with the extremely dense concrete panels gives a watertight structure. In addition the prestressed panels offer excellent resistance to corrosive elements within dirty water and sludge.

No Curing - The precast concrete solution cuts costs and saves time eliminating lengthy on site curing of traditional site cast walls.

Ducts & holes cast in - Service ducts, vent pipes and drain inlets can be designed and cast in during the manufacturing process to avoid unwanted drilling and cutting on site.



Tank walls constructed using vertical prestressed concrete panels are suited to above, below and partially below ground stores. The units have the capacity to withstand earth loading and surge loading from either external or internal forces. The same high quality prestressed concrete panels can be used to construct the lid or roof to fully below ground tanks.


What Next - Choices

The prestressed vertical panels are available in two standard thickness to suit a range of loadings and surcharge. The units have high strength concrete interlocking tongue and groove joints enabling loads to be passed between units reducing the likelihood of overload impacts causing damage. Panels are available in three standard widths (1m, 1,2m &1.5m) and can be used in combination to achieve the required tank dimensions. Heights up to 3.6m are available for single thickness walls although greater heights can be achieved using a composite precast wall system.



Installation of the wall panels can be included as part of the package from ACP Concrete. Alternatively help and advice for safe handling and installation of the precast concrete units can be supplied as documentation and a supervisory site visit can be arranged if required.




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