Arrow Panel Installation

It is recommended at all persons involved in the off loading and installation of any concrete panels should have training and hold current certificates in all relevant areas such as cranage, forklift truck operation, use off access hoists and carry current CSCS cards.
All persons must be equipped with safety clothing including boots, gloves, high visibility clothing hard hats & safety glasses. Where concrete cutting or grinding is to be carried out, dust masks must be used.



Main hazards include working with mobile plant & machinery, working with suspended precast units, working within a construction site and damage to structure and third parties. Working at heights and falls.


Main risks associated include: death, crushing, dust inhalation & falls


There are no specific risks to the environment other than dust and noise during drilling or cutting operations.

Manual Handling

There should not be any manual handling of items over 15kg required.
Any manual handling tasks must be executed in accordance of Manual Handling Regulations by persons trained in manual handling.

Plant Required

Crane or Telehandler – Specification to suit unit weight.
Simple 2 leg lifting chains
Hand tools


Installation Method

1) Suitable site access and safe unloading areas must be arranged prior to delivery of units. If there is any concern over ground stability then an engineer must be consulted. Units should be unloaded using telehandler or crane with suitable tested lifting gear located in the cast in lifting points on the units. Stacked of units must be on level ground and units stacked as on the delivery vehicles. Stacking timbers MUST be correctly arranged to ensure stack stability and avoid possible failure in the precast units.

2) Single precast units should be transported from stacking area to installation area and lifted to the vertical by re-attaching the lifting clutches into the top of the units.

3)  Units should be lifted using suitable telehandler or crane with 2 leg simple certified, tested chain with safety hooks onto tested lifting clutches or lifters (available from ACP Concrete Ltd) located in lifting inserts or holes cast into the top edge of the panels. Checks of rated lifting capacity of loader, lifters, chains or slings MUST be made against weights of Units before handling. Check lifters and chains are fully secured.

4)  Panels may be bedded on a suitable high strength mortar. Ensure first panel is in correct position and is vertical in all planes. Ensure all panels are true and level and pack under panels to achieve level top line. Set packers to ENSURE that at the highest point on the foundation strip no packers will be required. Square sections (40mm x 40mm) of asbestos free cement board are suitable packers

5) Check top height as work goes on. There may be a slight variation in the length of panels (+/- 3mm) so check top height in centre of each panel with survey level and by eye. It is essential that the leading edge of each panel is vertical.

6) Using suitable drilled equipment, drill dowel holes in foundation concrete through the preformed holes in the panel toe. Clean holes, insert grout and dowel bars.

7) Fill any lifting holes (if used) and any areas damaged during installation with a bonding mortar using a suitable SBR (i.e. Unibond, Sika Latex etc)

8) Apply surface protection where necessary.

9) An annual maintenance check should be carried out by a suitable responsible person. Check all surfaces and fixings for any signs of corrosion. Also check all surfaces of the panels and supporting structures for any signs of cracks or impact damage. A qualified engineer must be contacted if any corrosion or cracks are noted.




Safe Storage & Disposal of Materials

Sika Grout 212                   No special consideration for storage other than avoidance of frost. Store in dry conditions.

                                           No special requirement for disposal of packaging. Avoid litter and use skips on site.

                                           Remove unused packs from site for later use on other contracts.

                                           Avoid watercourses with material and packaging.

Concrete Panels                 No special consideration for storage

                                           No special requirement for disposal




Typical Unit Weights – 1.0m Wide

1.5m  - 1.62t
2.0m  - 1.80t
2.4m  - 1.94t
3.0m  - 2.37t
3.6m  - 2.59t



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