Concrete Lintels

Precast concrete lintels are the rapid solution to economical robust masonry support over door and window openings.

High strength lintels are manufactured for engineering grade concrete and are available in standard sizes “off the shelf”. Our prestressed concrete lintels are manufactured in a range of seven standard section sizes ranging for 100mm x 65mm to 215mm x 140mm.

Precast Concrete Lintels – Manufacture

ACP concrete lintels are wet cast from high quality steel moulds using high strength engineering concrete, guaranteeing quality and performance. The concrete lintels are reinforced using the prestressing system common to many of ACP’s quality concrete products such as beam and block flooring, precast concrete wideslab floors and precast wall panels.

The prestressing system gives the concrete lintel a high strength to section ratio, minimizing costs and making for safer manual handling.

Standard concrete lintel stock lengths range from 600mm to 3600m with non-standard lengths available to order.

All the concrete lintels are manufactured in accordance with BS5977

Prestressed Concrete Lintels - Advantages

The ACP concrete lintel casting system ensures quality lintels time after time eliminating unit variability common with extruded products.

The high quality wet cast system also ensures smooth surfaces to the lintel to ensure safe handling.

Concrete lintels can accept a wide range of surface finishes without special preparation.

All ACP concrete lintels are designed to BS8110 1997. To select the right concrete lintels for your project, please refer to the safe load tables in the specifications section.



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